Motivation > Action > Result

If you have ever been asked to convince an 8-year-old boy to finish his dinner, which method do you think would work? A. Tell him “Eat your supper, NOW.” B. Tell him ...

#TBT – The Evolution of Music Players at Sears

Sears has always been the go-to for electronics. Since the early 1900′s Sears has stayed on top of the latest trends in music players, from the gramophone, to the radio, ...

You can’t MAKE the horse do anything. Get your signal straight.

A few weeks ago I had a radical encounter. With a horse. You read that right. I’d been hearing about coaching and leadership work with horses for some time, so ...


Reminder: you are not your audience

I recently read this WSJ article about how teenagers use technology. My takeaway – a reminder that each of our life experiences inform our responses and actions when faced with ...

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UX Practice Director

Karol Czyrka

I am 15+ year veteran of designing user experiences. I started my career in the field of interior design and architecture and have transferred my skills to the digital space. In general, I love beautiful things. Specifically, I am passionate about making things easy to use. My philosophy is that I am the advocate for the user, and I need to make sure their goals have equal voice at the table with technology and business goals. When I am not working, chances are you will find me planning a vacation to a far flung corner of the world. My hobbies aslo include cooking, baking and eating. Photography plays a role in both of these and I have plans to create my own cookbook soon. Last, but not least, my personal philosophy is that a new pair of shoes is always a good idea.